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What are Shortfills? Are they e liquids?

Posted by Just Vape 247 on 24th Nov 2017

Shortfills are made up of a flavour, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. They are basically 0MG e liquids. You can then purchase Nicotine Shots along side them and add these Nicotine Shots to your Shortfill to turn it into a full e liquid.

So why are people purchasing these if they can still buy e liquids? 

People purchase Shortfills as well as Nicotine Shots as they work out cheaper than the current e liquids on the market, majority of e liquids currently sold that contain Nicotine are £5 per 10ml or 3x10mls for £10.  You can buy a 100ml Shortfill for £10. 

Shortfills are also less time consuming than DIY mixing, you don't have to purchase PG or VG and you don't have to spend the time mixing your desired MG and ratio as we can do this all for you.

What flavours can I have?

The great thing about our Shortfills are that you can choose any flavour that is in stock on our website, maybe ask to combine a couple flavours or choose your favourite One Shot flavour. All our Shortfills are in a 80VG/20VG ratio or 60VG/40PG however if you desire a different ratio, please leave a comment upon checkout and we will cater to your requirements.

So how many Nicotine Shots do I need to add?

This is all dependent on what MG strength you desire, we recommend buying 20MG Nicotine Shots as you will use less of them to reach your desired MG in turn saving you money. If you buy our Shortfills and then buy our Nicotine Shots via the Shortfill product page drop down menu, you will save a further 80p per Nicotine Shot.

When buying your Shortfill, please select what MG you want to vape (0-12MG). Based on what you select here will determine how much space is left in your Shortfill for you to simply add your Nicotine Shots to. 

Buy our Shortfills here