Nicotine Shot £1.30

10ml Nicotine Salt Shot
Available in 9MG, 18MG or 20MG (Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin Base)

Nicotine Salt Shots are similar to Nicotine Shots however these are made using the natural salt that is found within the tobacco leaf. Using Nicotine Salt Shots in your e liquids and shortfills allows you, as the user, to experience more of a nicotine rush as the nicotine is absorbed faster. This has been likened to the same experience as to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Nicotine Salts create a smoother vapour experience without the harsh throat hit

Please note: The colour of Nicotine Salts ranges from clear, yellow to dark orange

Very toxic chemicals. Harmful if swallowed. Always wear protective eye wear, clothing and gloves.
Wash off skin immediately with soapy water
Seek medical help if you feel unwell, clean up all spillages
Maximum of 20MG to make e-liquids 
Do NOT vape neat

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