One of the most common questions we are asked is "how much flavour should I mix with?"

And the most common reply is "it is all down to preference". 

As frustrating as this answer is, it really is true. For instance, I mix TFA Vanilla Custard at 10% in a 70% PG and 30% VG base and at 6mg strength. This for me is perfect. However, I know someone else that needs 15-20% of TFA Vanilla Custard as they mix their liquids at 70% VG and 30% PG using 8mg nicotine.

Always remember that PG is the main flavour carrier, therefore the higher the PG content, the lower the percentage of flavour would be. The VG doesn't carry flavours as well as PG, therefore if mixing with higher VG content you may need a higher flavour percentage.

As a rule of thumb, using a higher PG content, I always mix using only 10% flavouring and that is for every brand stocked on the website. You, however, may find you need more.

The equipment that you are using will also affect the taste. For instance, I use a dripper, rather than a tank. The dripper allows so much more flavour through than a standard tank. 

When you click onto each brand of flavour, i.e Capella, if you look at the very top of the page (just above where the pictures are) you will see some information there with regards to a suggested mixing ratio. We have done that for every brand we stock.

Please note these are only suggestions. You may need more or even less, so it is always best to perhaps only make a small batch to test first, such as 5ml bottle, until you get to know the flavour better. Start off with the lower suggested ratio, and if you feel it needs more, then add it. Always allow your e-liquid to steep (leave the cap off and store in a cool, shaded cupboard) for about 1-2 weeks. During this time the flavours will blend together and settle, providing a much better, matured e-liquid.

Nicotine and how to buy safely

The team at Just Flavours have put together a little guide on how to ensure you are buying Pharmaceutical Grade nicotine and what to look out for.

What is pharmaceutical grade nicotine?
Pharmaceutical grade is exactly as described, it is a top quality nicotine product that can only be produced by a licensed, registered pharmaceutical company. Each and every batch that is produced will have it’s own “batch number” that allows users to trace back all the origins of the ingredients etc. This is the highest quality nicotine on the market.

What is the max strength allowed in the uk?
The maximum you are allowed to buy is 10mls of 20MG Nicotine in PG or VG

How do I know if the vendor I buy from really has pharmaceutical grade?
This is the question we get asked a lot. There is a simple answer, in fact there are a few things you can look out for.
Pharmaceutical companies can only sell pharmaceutical grade nicotine to registered companies located in commercial business premises. A registered company means the company is registered with companies house, and with that they will have a registration number on their website. You can also check on companies house’s website if the vendor is registered. 
All pharmaceutical grade nicotine supplied to vendors/shops comes with a data safety sheet, otherwise known as a certificate of analysis. The certificate will always have the vendors company name on the sheet, their registered address where it was delivered and the full safety analysis report. The supplier (pharmaceutical company) will also have their name and business address on the form. Vendors should not be overly concerned about letting their customers see this as no pharmaceutical company will ever supply prices or details to any member of the public. They will only supply this to registered businesses with a registered commercial address and phone number.
The certificate will have the batch number that relates to the product supplied to that vendor, along with a date of production. 
It is a legal requirement for the vendor/shop to supply the certificate of analysis upon request. They should have a copy to hand, they will not need to email their supplier for it.

What does nicotine smell of and what colour should it be?
Nicotine can have a varied smell, anything from an oily smell to a peppery one. The colour can also vary from clear, tinge of orange, brownish to yellow. 
When nicotine is packed into the containers (by the pharmaceutical company) they are packed with nitrogen. This is air tight and prevents the nicotine from oxygenating. Each time the container is opened oxygen enters the nicotine and can discolour it. It is better to pre bottle the nicotine into the required sized bottles to prevent too much oxygen getting to the nicotine. It is also beneficial to use black HDPE bottles to prevent light discolouring the liquid. It should also, ideally, be stored in cool, dark conditions.
Vegetable Glycerin has been known to react with the nicotine and can turn it brown quite quickly, especially once opened. This does not effect the quality in any way.

Which nicotine base mixes better in e-liquids?
Propylene Glycol will mix better in e-liquids simply because it is a thinner liquid. Vegetable Glycerin, when mixed with a high VG based e-liquid, can be harder to blend. It has been known to “sit at the top” of the e-liquid, so when you vape you may get a harsh nicotine taste. If mixing with a high VG base it would be better to add distilled water (effectively make an Aqueous Glycerine/AG base, this can be 15% distilled water and 85% VG) which will help to thin the liquid and enable the nicotine to blend better. Always leave at least 1ml space in the bottle to enable the liquid to be shaken vigorously and therefore blending all the liquids thoroughly, leave the e-liquid to steep for at least 10 days and shake regularly. High VG based e-liquids also work better on a dripper (rda) than on a tank (rta) due to the thickness of the e-liquid. This is because when using a tank the high vg based e-liquid struggles to keep the cotton wet as it is thicker than PG and does not absorb the VG too well, as stated above this can be fixed using a AG base as it helps to thin the liquid and therefore help any burnt hits that may occur.

Whichever nicotine base you decide upon, always follow the correct safety procedures when handling nicotine. Ensure you wear protective gear, such as gloves, goggles and an apron to prevent spillage onto your clothes. Use in a well ventilated room and always clear up any spillages immediately. If nicotine accidentally gets onto your skin wash it off immediately with hot, soapy water and remove any contaminated clothing. If you start to feel unwell seek medical attention and take the bottle/label with you so the medical staff know how best to treat you.

All nicotine bottles should carry a safety warning and symbols, as well as being supplied in childproof bottles.
Thank you for reading our guide, and we hope this helps you to buy nicotine safely from wherever you chose to purchase. All nicotine bought should be supplied with a safety and information leaflet.

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We know mixing your own e-liquids are now a little more complex and to combat this we have created Juice Shots.  These are our One Shots blended with additional PG/VG, they should be combined with Nicotine One Shots to create a full e-liquid. Each Juice Shot leaves enough space in the bottle for you to add your chosen MG Nicotine shot strength with instructions on how much you are required to put in to get to your preferred MG strength


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