Recipe Box £10.15

This box will make a 10ml Blended One Shot flavour concentrate which you can add to your PG, VG & Nicotine Shots to create a sweet cinnamon apple fritter blend e-liquid

Your recipe box will contain 10mls of all the flavours listed below. In order to make this recipe you will need to blend these flavours together with the amounts listed and allow to steep for 5 days before adding it to an e-liquid:

  • Almond (KH) 0.36ml
  • Bavarian Cream (TFA) 2.14ml
  • Cinnamon Danish (TFA) 3.57ml
  • Dragonfruit (KH) 0.48ml
  • Double Apple (KH) 2.86ml
  • Joy (KH) 0.36ml
  • Cinnamon Churro (FW) 0.24ml
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