One Shot Blended Flavours £18.00

This product will allow you to create your own One Shot flavour concentrate recipes. We will blend your chosen flavours with your desired amount (ml) of each flavour together  

Select the flavours you would like to blend by inputting their name including brand (please note you cannot select already made Blended One Shots as a flavour option) and in mls how much is required of each flavour. You have up to 8 flavours to add, if you do not require 8 different flavours to create this recipe please leave some fields below blank

Please make sure that your recipe adds up to a total amount of 100ml - Please also check that the flavours you require blending to create this One Shot are in stock on our website

For example this is what you will need to write in each box:

  • Strawberry Ripe TFA 50ml
  • Sweet Cream Capella 20ml
  • Sweetener TFA 10ml
  • Bavarian Cream TFA 5ml
  • Vanilla Milkshake Route 66 15ml
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Hassle free DIY

Fantastic service from Flavour Hub. If you have a complex recipe this just makes it so much easier than measuring out multiple flavours. Arrives as a 100ml one shot, which is perfect for my needs as I only mix 500ml or 1L at 20%. Ive bought 2 of these for the same recipe and will be using it for all my diy from now on.
Posted by mark c. on 1st Feb 2018