A "one stop shop" for all your DIY e liquids and accessory needs 

What Brand Of Flavours Do We Stock?
Capella, SilverLine, Flavor West, The Flavor Apprentice, Kandi Hed, One Shot Blended, Twisted, Route 66, Skull Koncentratez, Grandma's Kitchen, Vintage Vapes, Premium Vintage Vapes, Arctic Vapes, Real Flavors, Mom Pop Vapor Shop, Liquid Barn, Inawera, One on One, Lorann, Mount Baker, Devils Kandi & Angels Touch

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Which Other Mixing Liquids Do We Supply?
We stock 72 MG Nicotine in Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycein
We stock Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin & Aqueous Glycerine
Nicotine Shots in various MG 

Any Other Supplies?
We supply all your mixing equipment needs; Plastic syringes, plastic beakers, plastic cylinders, glass beakers, glass conical flasks, glass cylinders, latex free gloves, needles (including safety needles), pipettes & bottles 

I Want To Learn How To Mix My Own Juice
We have put together a fantastic DIY: Mixing kit. It contains everything you need to get you started, including a very easy step-by-step instructions for your selected strength requirements. All the equipment & liquids are included. It can be found here
Plus we have a mixing guide here

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We look forward to building a long standing relationship with you ... Welcome to the Flavour Hub family!