How to Checkout

Important information... 

A few customers are experiencing delays in their orders being dispatched due to the fact they are not checking out completely. If you fail to checkout correctly it could mean that our system won't pick up the fact you have paid. Our shop runs on a traffic light system, amber means no payment received, and green means full payment has been taken. If the light is amber staff cannot print out and process your order, therefore you will experience a delay (until you email us to ask where it is, then we have to check the payment method to find the money)

To checkout correctly you must allow the payment platform page to bring you back to our website before logging off, once it has brought you back to our website the light (that we see) will turn green. Failure to do this will mean the light remains amber, with no payment information or transaction id visible to us. We will not be held responsible for any delays you may experience due to this, so please make sure you complete checkout.

Important information: If using a mobile phone or iPad to view/shop with us, it could mean you won't be able to view the offer T&C's prior to checking out... We cannot do anything to solve this, so to avoid being disappointed ensure you always read the full term and conditions in this category prior to checking out!

Terms & conditions apply! Please read them (no: 31) before ordering.

Checking out using your debit/credit card

On checkout if you continue through the process until you see "Payment" here you will need to click this button. A PayPal website page should load, if you wish to pay with your debit/credit card and do not have a PayPal account please click "Check Out as a Guest". From there you'll be able to enter your card details and be able to check out. ​​​​​​​

Leaving a note on your order

1. Place your order and check out
2. Log back into your account and find your recent order
3. Click on it
4. On that order you will see an area which states "leave a comment"
5. Type your message, and when we print off your order we will see your comments.
6. It may also say "it has been sent as an email too" this is fine, the note will still appear on the order where you typed it.

Entering Discount Codes

To enter your discount code click "View Cart" before you checkout and then scroll down to the bottom of your cart. There you shall see a hyperlink that states "I have a discount code" - Click this link and you'll be able to enter your discount code

Many thanks!

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